He is said to have carried a knife: 27-year-old African American shot by police in Philadelphia – politics

Another black man was murdered by police officers in the United States. As the “New York Times” reported, Philadelphia police on Monday shot 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. death.

A video of a passer-by shows the incident, but in the meantime you cannot see the entire incident because the camera is partly aimed at the ground. Protests erupted in West Philadelphia during the day. Videos here also showed clashes with the police.

In the video where Wallace was shot, you can see him walking towards two police officers who run away from him. They fire several shots at Wallace, who then sinks to the ground. Shortly before the recordings, the camera is aimed at the ground, you can only hear the recordings.

Then you see a woman running to Wallace, who is lying on the floor, screaming loudly and seems to be throwing something at the police. The Philadelphia police spokesman said Wallace had a knife with him and officials told him to drop it. After the incident, Wallace was driven to hospital by one of the officers, where he died.

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Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement that the incident raised “ tough questions ” that needed to be answered. He had talked to the Wallace family about it and assured them that he would answer all questions as much as possible. The Philadelphia police chief also announced an investigation into the incident.

The fact that the agents shot immediately has been sharply criticized

The fact that the officers immediately fired multiple shots at Wallace was sharply criticized. “Why didn’t they use a tranquilizer gun?” Said Wallace’s father, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. His son was also suffering from mental health problems and was on medication. “Why did you have to shoot him?”

Jamie Gauthier, a member of the Philadelphia City Council, also sharply criticized the police. “I urge Philadelphia police to release the camera footage of the agents involved in this incident,” Gauthier wrote in a statement. She also criticized the police for not trying to de-escalate the situation.

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Ben Crump, an African-American attorney representing the victims of police and racial violence, tweeted the video in which Wallace was shot, saying, “The Philadelphia police have killed Walter Wallace Jr. murdered. shots, they shot him more than ten times, even though he was at least ten feet away from them, ”Crump wrote on Twitter.

After the incident, protests were held in Philadelphia

During the day, protests were formed against this renewed incident of police brutality against blacks in West Philadelphia. Videos show peaceful demonstrations where a car parade with protesters in front of them slowly drives down a street.

But there were also recordings of violent clashes with the police on Monday evening.

In the course of the protests, at least one police car was set on fire and four police officers were injured with stones, the “New York Times” quoted a local television station as saying.

Wallace’s death is one of the many tragic cases in which a black person died in connection with the use of police brutality. This year, the US has been rocked by massive protests over multiple black deaths. The riots following George Floyd’s death were the worst, but Breonna Taylor’s death also sparked protests.

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