Where does Friedrich Merz lead his party ?: The Boris Johnson of CDU politics

The CDU has been faltering for a while. And now Friedrich Merz begins to rock the boat. The electoral congress dispute is a welcome opportunity for him to let it go. He recognized the opportunity offered by a large management team. He against her, the only fighter against the establishment – someone is making a big fuss.
Merz has now finally decided in which role he wants to rise to the top of the party. He is on stage as a party stand. As the man who gives voice to the true Christian Democrats. Who once again promises leadership as a leading figure for the real conservatives, the real right winger, as they feel. Who will lead them out of the Babylonian captivity, the ideological adaptation slavery, into which the CDU has emerged from this point of view under Angela Merkel. Central pragmatism, lazy compromise policies, eternal consensus reign with constantly changing partners, sometimes yellow, sometimes red, soon green too – the CDU was successful in the Merkel era, but on a downward trend. And the end of the age has been announced.

Hope bearers of the party base?

Merz, on the other hand, represents the hope among the members to find the way to greater strength based on a different agenda. Clearer edge to the left, more economic party again, conservative value policy (whatever that is). With Merz, this is the desire, the party could easily cross the 40 percent threshold again.

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But is that also the majority in the party? It will be seen. After all, he will have to stick to the populist tone Merz set in his accusation of the “establishment”. He can’t get out of the role. He must prove the alliance he has declared with the base.

It’s about the soul of the Union

The previously cautious competition with Armin Laschet (behind which Merz smells Angela Merkel’s intrigues) is now finally turning into a power struggle that is about the very essence, even the soul of the party. A “power struggle to reorient the CDU,” as Merz himself put it.
And now the ultimate test begins. All this is somewhat reminiscent of the Boris Johnson phenomenon among the British Tories and his power struggle with Theresa May. Johnson also relied on his position with the majority of the members. On the island, the illusionism of the grassroots eventually triumphed over the pragmatism of the established order.

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