Questions of the day: Tighter corona measures more likely, Erdoğan attacks Europe – politics

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What happened?

• Stricter corona measures are increasingly likely
When Angela Merkel consults with the prime minister on Wednesday about ways to contain the corona pandemic, very different ideas collide. Michael Schmidt has summarized here which strict rules the Chancellor wants to achieve a short, hard lockdown and what comes from the countries. In view of such reports from “voluntary infection groups” at a jazz festival in Dresden, however, one wonders whether the explosive nature of the situation has still not dawned on some people.

• Where is Erdogan going in Turkey?
The Turkish president is attacking Europe, especially France and Germany, more sharply than rarely before. Susanne Güsten, Frank Jansen and Christian Böhme explain what Erdogan’s goal is and what consequences it has.

• Strong downturn in the Berlin real estate market
City sales have never fallen so much. Residential and commercial buildings and office space are particularly affected. In the words of the head of the Berlin expert committee, Reiner Rössler: “When I saw the figures, I almost fell off my chair”. More about this here.

• The winning design for the renovation of the Komische Oper Berlin was chosen
The competition for the € 227 million Komische Oper redesign has been decided. The office of Kadawittfeldarchitektur has won. Read more about the plans for the renovation here.

What was discussed?

Caricature: Klaus Stuttmann

• The Berlin SPD is not at all exemplary, Mayor Michael Müller and Group Chairman Raed Saleh are among the harshest warnings in the Corona crisis – but the Social Democrats prefer not to postpone their election party congress in Neukölln with nearly 300 participants. And so go just below the limit of the allowed number of participants. Being particularly generous with yourself during the pandemic is ambiguous and wrong, says Ulrich Zawatka-Gerlach.

• Will Friedrich Merz become Boris Johnson of the CDU?

With his declaration of war on a so-called Union establishment, Friedrich Merz is primarily engaged in a power struggle over the nature of the party. A note from Albert Funk.

• The real love of literature: the writer Monika Maron calls her publisher Susanne Dagen a “friend” and “oppositionist”. Days meanwhile argue for right-wing extremists. Christian Schröder and Hannes Soltau write here why this is definitely a problem.

What can I read with a Tagesspiegel Plus subscription?

Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER) opens nine years late – on October 31, exactly on Halloween. Photo: AFP / Michael Kappeler

• The invisible sound barrier: how BER divides the Blankenfelde-Mahlow community BER opens on Saturday and the Blankenfelde-Mahlow community will be one of the most affected by aircraft noise. However, for some, the airport could become a boon rather than a curse. A report from Maria Kotsev.

• “Depeche Mode showed me how to get really drunk” The Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn has accompanied British band Depeche Mode since the eighties. Anton Corbijn spoke extensively with Ulf Lippitz about pop, drugs and his new illustrated book.

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• “Never in my life have I had so many practical problems as here” Liu Xia, the widow of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo, fled from China to Berlin to receive treatment for her depression. Liu Xia actually avoids the public, with Barbara Nolte she speaks for the first time about her new beginnings.

• How Wolfgang Schäuble Wants to Save Democracy with a Citizens’ Council The President of the Bundestag has campaigned for an experiment: more citizen participation. The Bundestag decided on the project. The subject is very general: the role of Germany in the world. Armin Lehman examines whether the project works.

What can we do?

Read: In “Chasing The Light,” director Oliver Stone writes about his beginnings. An honest book, but also a macho book about the macho world of the American film, long before MeToo. Recommended by my colleague Christiane Peitz.

Go to church: Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s architectural jewel in Berlin-Mitte, the Friedrichswerder Church, seemed lost, but now, after eight years, it is reopening. Nicola Kuhn writes about the incredible history of a monument, you can now see it for yourself.

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Playing online together: Less contact is the order of the day. But that does not mean that the fun match night has to be canceled. How to play together online, here’s a tip from Johanna Pauline Faust from our Tagesspiegel people newsletter for Lichtenberg.

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

Next Wednesday, it will be announced who can participate as a direct candidate in the federal election campaign for the comrades in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf: State Secretary Sawsan Chebli or the still reigning Mayor Michael Müller. Defeat is difficult for the latter, some Social Democrats fear that he might quit his current job.

Number of the day

Formula 1 is planning a mega calendar with 23 races for the coming year – more than ever before. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it had to be reduced to 17 races this season. Foresight – or madness? Michael Rosentritt wonders.

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