Youtube improves the reading interface of its mobile application

YouTube has released a new update to its mobile application that includes some features that make it easier to watch and select videos. These features include new gestures as well as new ways to control video playback.

YouTube wants to make it easier to view and interact with during videos

On its blog, YouTube says it should find it easier for its community of two billion people. With that in mind, the platform has definitely introduced new features, including navigating within a video through chapters that were featured during the Search On conference.

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Specifically, the purpose of the video chapters is to help you navigate better within the videos and go directly from one section to another. This is a great way to only watch certain parts of the videos, especially one that is more interesting than the other. This navigation is now simplified by a view in the form of a list directly below the video, with which you can switch from one chapter to another with one click.

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At the same time, YouTube has planned a simplified player. One of the goals is to make the activation of subtitles more visible. The new player also makes the power button for autoplay more visible. Overall, the reader was able to make changes without much influence. They are designed to make user navigation smoother.

New gestures are also provided, e.g. For example, swipe up to activate full screen mode and down to deactivate it. To make the application easier to use, YouTube is also considering the proposed measures. The user can therefore be asked to turn their smartphone for an enhanced viewing experience.

Photo credit: YouTube

Reminders so that the application doesn’t overwhelm you

Who hasn’t spent more time on YouTube than expected? It’s pretty easy to get lost in the videos and watch more than you originally wanted, often without seeing the elapsed time. YouTube has thought about it too and now allows you to set a bedtime reminder. This is where digital wellbeing is highlighted, and this is also aimed at limiting time of exposure to screens.

This feature seems useful to everyone, but there is no doubt that it should help more than one person manage their time spent on YouTube. One thing is for sure, this feature will be welcomed on YouTube Kids to limit the time it takes to use it. Enough to further strengthen the parental control that the children’s version of the platform already offers.

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