iOS 14 is now more installed than iOS 13

iOS 14 has become Apple’s most popular mobile operating system, overtaking iOS 13. According to the Mixpanel, the installation share is 46.54%. iOS 13 is 46.27% by comparison.

Mixpanel analyzes the application traffic and therefore observes the devices used. When you do this, you will see various information including the version of iOS you have installed. This means that Mixpanel proposes a charter every year in which the proportions of the investments are listed.

iOS 14 saw the light of day five weeks ago in the final version. The performance is therefore to be commended. But the new update runs worse than iOS 13 last year. By mid-October 2019, iOS 13 had already achieved 50% installation shares. The fact that iOS 14 isn’t at this level just yet can come as a surprise given the new features in the update. Widgets on the home screen, rather than full-screen calls, have caused a lot of talk on social networks. This resulted in a lot of people installing the update to take advantage of these features.

Incidentally, the proportion of iOS 12 and earlier versions is 7.19%. This applies to people with an iPhone or iPad who cannot upgrade to iOS 13 or iOS 14. This also applies to users who simply refuse to update.

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