US Six Days Before Elections: Half of Voters Have Already Voted – Politics

59 million US citizens have already voted before the election date

About a week before the actual date of the US presidential election, 59 million US citizens have already voted. According to the University of Florida American election project, two million more people took part in the so-called early vote on Sunday than in the presidential election four years ago. Democrats supporters of presidential candidate Joe Biden in particular have already cast their votes.

Citizens of the US have the option to vote by mail before the actual election date or to vote in person at a polling station prior to the election. Early voting reached record levels this year, also in view of the corona pandemic: many voters want to avoid going to full polling stations on November 3, thus avoiding a potential risk of contamination.

The fact that more Democratic voters are voting by mail doesn’t mean Donald Trump’s incumbent Republicans can’t make up for it on Nov. 3. Observers expect large numbers of Republican voters to go to polling stations on Nov. 3. Trump has been rioting against postal voting for months now, claiming it is more prone to electoral fraud. There is no scientific evidence for this.

Polls currently see a clear nationwide lead for Biden. The former vice president is also in the lead in particularly competitive key states like Pennsylvania and Florida, but races here are much closer.

The scientists at the US Elections Project predict a generally high turnout. Accordingly, a total of more than 150 million people were able to vote – about 13 million more than in the previous election. (AFP)

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