An all-in-one tool to manage the entire customer journey

To manage one or more customers on a daily basis, you need to go through a whole host of tools to manage invoicing, commercial tracking, or even the different stages of the sales funnel. To be more productive and save time, using an all-in-one tool is a great solution to manage all stages from lead to payment.

ClientJoy is a customer management platform that summarizes all phases of the customer journey, from the simple lead to the offer, the contract, the invoices and the payment! A handy tool for agencies and freelancers who want to easily manage their clients.

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Simplified lead tracking via Clientjoy

ClientJoy offers a full dashboard on the home page that allows you to view statistics on offers, leads, invoices and their phases. On the left, a menu provides access to the 7 modules offered by the tool: Dashboard, Leads, Customers, Quotes, Invoices and Items (which correspond to the missions invoiced).

With the Leads part you can manage the entire sales pipeline. The latter can be organized in a list or with a Kanban view with personalized steps. Leads can be added via a .CVS file or by hand. All information about a lead / customer is saved with notes, files or reminders. Everything you need to have important information with one click.

Fast processes and everything online!

Clientjoy also offers a portal for customers. You can connect and follow the progress, receive invoices or send documents. Payments can also be made via this portal.

The platform provides a simple tool to easily create an offer. To do this, you have to select a client and Clientjoy offers an offer to customize with various templates. The offer can be sent by e-mail, the customer will be notified directly and can accept or reject it directly online and sign it. The quotes are displayed with a Kanba view and are organized by status.

With Clientjoy you can also easily create one-time or recurring invoices. ClientJoy is a customizable platform where you can add a logo, choose the currency, add roles to the tool, etc.

Clientjoy is a paid tool that is offered for life and in advertising. With the single offer for $ 49 instead of $ 660, you can get 5 user accounts and white label 3 workspaces with 5 users each. There’s also one for $ 98 and another for $ 147 that offers more user accounts and white label workspaces.

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