Questions of the day: New corona measures for Germany, “Charlie Hebdo” mocks Erdogan – politics

What happened?

• Germany goes back into lockdown: Chancellor Angela Merkel and country leaders have agreed on far-reaching corona measures. You can find an overview of the schemes here.

• More openness or stricter restrictions for everyone? Doctors and researchers are submitting two fundamentally different calls for dealing with corona. They also show the balancing act politicians currently have to carry out.

• Half-naked Erdogan on the cover: The French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo” makes fun of Erdogan. The Turkish government calls the image “revolting” and “racist”.

• Plagiarism proceedings against Giffey are several times unlawful according to the expert opinion: The Free University of Berlin has acted unlawfully several times by only correcting Franziska Giffey in the case of plagiarism. That is the opinion of an expert advice commissioned by the CDU faction.

• The majority of citizens reject car-free inner cities: in Berlin, an initiative is fighting for a car-free inner city. A national majority rejects this, according to a survey by the Tagesspiegel.

What was discussed?

Caricature: Klaus Stuttmann

• The next lockdown: my colleague Gerd Appenzeller reflects on what social isolation means at this time of the year.

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• Why does no one hold China accountable? China has been a major contributor to the corona disaster and is making up for it. That is what the international community should finally be talking about.

• Rule of law in the EU: The trialogue of European legislators in Brussels may be the last chance to remind Hungary and Poland of their rule of law. A note from Harald Schumann.

• Your or my president? The antipathy between Trump and Biden’s supporters is enormous, and the incompatibility is growing. The polarization of American citizens makes elections a struggle. The country will have to struggle with this for a long time. A guest post.

What can subscribers read?

Visitors in the glass dome on the roof of the Reichstag, German Bundestag in Berlin Photo: image stock & people

• The Bundestag must act, otherwise this is unworthy of a democracy ”: We are not in a state of emergency, says constitutional lawyer Oliver Lepsius. A conversation about the legality of the German corona policy.

• Interview with Timothy Snyder: The noted historian talks about likely scenarios for US election night, the contribution of the US health system to US anger and his own illness.

• Why the folding bed is the furniture of the hour: In the past, the folding bed was very obese in small apartments, at least in American movies. Now the trend is coming back. Why? Read the answer here.

• “Then I don’t know what to do next”: Even an established artist like Joy Denalane has existential fear in the corona crisis. Why this is also due to the Spotify system.

What can we do?

Cooking: Award-winning cookbook author Anissa Helou, Lebanese and British of her choice, brings her to Europe with recipes and stories.

Read a book: Emma Becker’s work “La Maison” follows the French tradition of Bataille and Zola. It’s a lot about sex – and her own experience as a sex worker.

Watch documentaries: the Dok Leipzig film festival runs simultaneously in the cinema and online. The new boss Christoph Terhechte, former director of the Berlinale Forum, thinks that the film scene should change.

Browse the ARD media library: Das Erste places historical contributions in its media library. And surprises with a time limit.

Watch a series: The madman is the caretaker again: Charly Hübner in the mystery series “Hausen” with an overarching horror high-rise. The film was shot in Berlin-Buch.

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

Angela Merkel will explain the new corona measures in the Bundestag. Recently there has been strong criticism from MPs that they were not sufficiently involved in the major decisions of the pandemic.

The University Hospital Halle will present the results of the study “Restart 19 transmission risk at major sports and cultural events”. For the experiment, data was collected during a concert with Tim Bendzko in Leipzig in August. 1400 listeners took part in the large-scale experiment.

Number of the day

The federal government earns 7 billion euros per year from truck tolls. The state may now have to repay this. Because today the European Court of Justice ruled that the basis for calculating tolls is not clean. In concrete terms: Germany calculates the costs for the traffic police in the toll. That must be over now. A Polish forwarding company had filed a lawsuit.

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