soon to live for several hours?

After being inspired by TikTok for its Reels and related functionality, Instagram is now focusing on live video, which launched in France in 2017. In fact, the social network has announced several changes aimed at making it easier to broadcast live on the platform, as well as making these videos easier to record.

Instagram no longer limits lifespan to 60 minutes

Four hours is the new maximum live broadcast time. This new option is available to users around the world as long as their account does not cause any rule violation issues. All Instagram users who broadcast live can then watch a repeat of the program or share it again up to 30 days after the broadcast directly from their private archive. This content will remain downloadable that long.

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A “Live now” function will also be introduced in the IGTV section of Instagram. This is a great way to discover new accounts, especially those that were streamed live at the time of research.

“3 Updates to Live”

🎥You can now go live for up to 4 hours

🎞You can save your lives for 30 days before they are deleted

📺 A “Live Now” section is displayed in the IGTV app and Explore where you can discover more lives.

– Instagram (@instagram) October 27, 2020

Changes to meet demand

As Engadget states, these innovations brought in by Instagram aim to meet several requirements. First, they reflect the lives that were broadcast during the detention period. Users were limited to one hour of airtime. After this time, another direct transmission had to be restarted. This was particularly the case in physical education classes or in gatherings around public figures.

After all, there is no doubt that this emphasis on live broadcasting gives users more options and therefore eliminates the need to use another application. The goal is therefore to remain the majority’s preferred application, even if it has already been overlooked in the US, as young people prefer TikTok to Instagram.

In any case, there is no doubt that these innovations should be appreciated at a time when more and more measures are being taken against the Covid-19. In Europe, Instagram should see many live broadcasts again in the coming weeks between containment and curfew.

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