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Conservatives love order, stability and the rule of law. They value decency, character and virtues. They pay attention to budgetary discipline and prefer the tried and tested over risk. In that sense, Donald Trump is not a conservative. He despises the bourgeois order and the party establishment, mocks the media, Muslims and Mexicans, and is unabashedly sexist and narcissistic. He lies and divides. His religiosity is no more than defiantly displaying a Bible.

In fact, Trump is the opposite of a conservative. Revolutionary rather than evolutionary in rhetoric and deeds. This has always outraged the true conservatives. They included celebrities like Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential candidate, George W. Bush, former president, Colin Powell, former Secretary of State, Bill Kristol, ex-editor of the Weekly Standard, moderate Never Trump Republicans, Lincoln Project Activists.

These real decent conservatives were among the big losers on November 3. If Joe Biden wins by a margin and the Democrats are able to dominate both houses of Congress, the short-term goal – Trump’s resignation – will be achieved, but the sense of political homelessness should return quite soon. Strong leftist liberal forces within the Democrats, Bernie Sanders and his supporters, for example, will pay their support to Biden.

The space between all the seats

Should Biden narrowly win, the Republicans will renew allegations of treason against the renegade. Trump had tweeted about the “Never Trump Republicans” a year ago, they were “human scum” and “worse and more dangerous for our country than the Do-Nothing Democrats.” With that he set the tone. It cannot be ruled out that his most ardent followers will hold the apostates to account.

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If Trump wins again, real conservatives will become further isolated within the Republican Party. Any incentive to renew the content would have disappeared.

In any case, Trump’s programmatic speeches are increasingly being exhausted by insulting his opponents – the “liberals”, “socialists” and members of the “Antifa”. An independent agenda can no longer be identified. He subdued the majority of the party by successfully mobilizing the base against the officials.

The real decent conservatives are in the stool. As they say? That could be a place of honor. Sometimes political homelessness is the price you pay to be able to look in the mirror in the morning.

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