Waymo and Daimler market autonomous trucks

After working with Volvo on autonomous taxis, Waymo is now working with Daimler. The two companies have entered into a strategic global partnership to equip Daimler trucks with technology for autonomous driving.

Autonomous trucks will be available in the coming years

According to Waymo and Daimler, Americans who want to equip will be provided with autonomous trucks within a few years. The two companies then plan to expand their partnership and offer different types of vehicles on a larger scale.

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This autonomous road transport solution would be an improvement for the sector. This would initially make it possible to compensate for the labor shortage observed in various markets (especially in America and Europe), but also to improve road safety. This would reduce the responsibility of drivers and significantly reduce their mission, as they would no longer have to drive on straight highways, for example.

Daimler and Waymo now have an important job, especially since they already have competitors working on similar missions. Volvo and Nvidia have been working on autonomous trucks for transporting goods for more than a year.

Waymo and Daimler enter into an expensive partnership

The two companies, through their collaboration, appear to be involved in a project that could prove very expensive to research. Indeed, both must therefore receive sufficiently developed and safe autonomous driving technology, otherwise it would not be marketed on the road transport market in the long term. Waymo is very advanced and Daimler has been experimenting with this technology alongside electric vehicles for over a year.

This partnership seems like a good opportunity for Daimler, however, as Waymo, none other than an Alphabet subsidiary, is clearly well advanced in this area. Last year, DeepMind helped the company develop its algorithms, the company is also supported by Renault-Nissan, and eventually the company raised more than $ 2 billion earlier this year.

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