La Quadrature du Net is suing police drones

In May last year, the State Council suspended the use of drones by the Paris prefecture. This decision was made when the use of drones did not appear to affect the judiciary shortly before. Today Quadrature du Net is addressing them. The association has decided to bring the police drones to court as they continue to be used despite the order of the State Council. They have been used by the police for a number of years and have great potential for their various missions.

The Paris police in the club’s viewfinder

Testimonials, videos or photos, both from social networks and disseminated by the media, is what La Quadrature du Net currently has to do to support its request to the Paris Administrative Court. According to the association, all of these elements show one thing: the Paris police headquarters continue to use drones on a daily basis. However, this contradicts the decision of the State Council last May.

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In its query published online, La Quadrature du Net reveals the many possible uses of the observed drones. The first is quoted on June 19, 2020, then on July 4, September 17 or October 17. These uses took place every time during demonstrations. The different pieces of evidence show different moments, such as the launch of a drone carried out by members of the national police or a gendarme equipped with an airplane remote control.

La Quadrature du Net is concerned about the fate of the images it has collected

In its request, La Quadrature du Net called for the immediate end of the surveillance by drones during demonstrations, that is, the compliance with the decision made by the State Council a few months ago. The association also wants to prohibit any use, recording, exploitation or transmission of the images that were taken during the various uses of drones. The request also includes the destruction of the images collected so far.

Finally, the association expressed its concerns about the proposed Comprehensive Security Act. While this could authorize the surveillance and identification of protesters using drones, La Quadrature du Net is hoping the Paris Administrative Court will rule in its favor. This could indeed work in his favor and slow down the bill tabled in the National Assembly last week.

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