iPhone: 1 TB of storage soon?

In 10 words, Jon Prosser just published the leak of the day: “I hope you are all ready for 1TB iPhone”. The leaker (who’s starting to have nice catches on his hunting board) here seems to be suggesting that the 1TB iPhone could arrive pretty quickly. In this case, we would therefore be entitled to an iPhone 12 Pro with a TB storage option. In view of the price range of the iPhone 12, the latter do not seem to be affected by this expansion of storage capacity from the outset. . Apple could also reserve the 1TB option for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but this model already has its special features (large screen, large photo sensor, new stabilization system). There would be many exclusive options or specs offered when compared to the iPhone 12 Pro.

Remember that the maximum storage capacity of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is 512GB. It’s true that the new sensors, ProRaw format, and 4K and 60 fps videos with no space take up a lot of space Talk about iOS games that have an unfortunate tendency to be overweight (it’s not uncommon to see titles with a Weight between 5 and 10 GB).

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