What are the top 10 social media trends for 2021?

2020 is an unusual year. Businesses and consumers are facing an unprecedented situation that no one was prepared for. This crisis has caused many changes and changed everyone’s habits. Companies have had to learn and adapt their marketing strategy as the situation progressed.

To keep track of the months ahead, Talkwalker and HubSpot bring you a full report on social media trends for 2021. 70 experts contributed to the development of this professional document that gives you 50 concrete and activatable actions that you can quickly implement in 2021

And we can say that the two editors of this white paper are perfectly legitimate on social networks when it comes to talking about trends! Talkwalker is an expert in social intelligence and present a technological solution to monitor and analyze the web and social networks used by companies such as Adidas, Accor Hotels or even Crédit Agricole SA HubSpot. Publisher of a marketing, sales and customer service platform, the founders of which invented and popularized the term inbound marketing.

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This report offers a comprehensive analysis of the 10 social media trends for 2021, complemented by the opinions of dozens of experts from around the world and lots of tips for creating an effective social media strategy! We come back to four here.

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Make a commitment to make a difference

Social media trend number 1 for 2021 underscores the socially responsible audience. Despite the stereotypes of the younger generations (Generation Z and Alpha), they are committed to content issues and are at the forefront of trends that permeate the practices and uses of all users: politics, equality, education, mental health … This generation does not hesitate to engaging, denouncing, and speaking out, leading to changes in the way we interact on both social networks and brands. The latter must therefore adapt their communication and show their commitment as Nike could.

Let’s all be part of the change. # UntilWeAllWin

– Nike (@Nike) May 29, 2020

Bérangère Gautron explains: “The consumer actor is looking for authenticity. The health crisis has put the main focus back on the focus of concern. “

The user in the center of speeches

As the platforms evolve, so does the way content is used. With the advent of TikTok or the Reels format on Instagram, companies no longer use User Generated Content (UGC) in the same way. We are now talking about remixing, namely “the art of creating new formats, models or concepts in order to express one’s own habits or ideas”.

This content is easy to spread and can go viral in moments by taking inspiration from current trends without companies creating anything. Companies therefore need to get involved and make resources available to users so that they can leave room for their creativity!

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Meme is the new normal

2020 will have made the creation of many memes possible. These images with text can be created by both users and brands. Memes go viral very quickly and are very popular with younger generations. Despite their playful and fun side, memes are also a means of manipulation and misinformation. In 2021, creating this type of content or browsing current trends is important, like this Patrick Bruel meme that was picked up by both users and brands (until it was adopted by the singer himself!).

Me, if I am the last to realize that I am a meme …

– Patrick Bruel (@PatrickBruel) October 12, 2020

Simple picture or even video, the possibilities are numerous and this format makes it much easier for a company to interact with users. However, we need to be vigilant and understand both the codes, the culture surrounding them and the legal framework for using them.

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Playing on memories

With the COVID-19 crisis, 2019 represents “life before”. In social networks, many people talk about the “good times” and evoke memories with nostalgia. In 2021, nostalgia marketing will still be in place, allowing users to escape so as not to worry about current issues, even if 2019 was far from rosy.

Nostalgia marketing is about remembering the need to stay positive and most importantly, make users smile and remind them of good times. Perhaps the best example of souvenir marketing is Netflix, which, like its “nostalgic 80s series” Stranger Things, generated over 6 million mentions and 23.1 million reactions.

This report highlights other trends, including the four core principles of COVID, conversation marketing, social gaming, and more. Finally, Talkwalker and HubSpot highlight the ultimate consumer-centric trend of 2021 …

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