the payment service for employee mobility

So far, companies have financed 50% of the costs of transporting their employees, in particular the Navigo map or an equivalent map in the regions. Betterway would like to enable companies to also or additionally finance the means of mobility that are considered “sustainable”. In concrete terms, Betterway offers companies the opportunity to take part in the transport of their employees with bicycles, electric scooters, car pools and electric scooters. With this payment card, which works like a meal card, but works for mobility, a small revolution is brewing.

A payment card for sustainable mobility

This financing solution enables the employee to have a payment card that the company has previously wagered on. This card is valid for all those involved in sustainable mobility in the region. At the end of the month, the companies will receive the receipts so that they can be included in the payroll or presented to the URSSAF. With Mastercard Betterway can benefit from a local and international presence in order to distinguish itself in Europe and the rest of the world.

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Denis Saada, founder of Betterway, explains: “It’s financial, commercial, marketing, communication, technological support, etc. Mastercard gives us 360 degree visibility and it’s great fun. “The topic of mobility is of great interest to Mastercard. Betterway holds an important place in the world of fintech in this area of ​​mobility in France and that support was evident, according to Denis Saada.

Is sustainable mobility the revolution of the 21st century?

Sustainable mobility will be an essential part of the economic recovery. We have seen a mobility sector emerge in recent years. It is interesting to see such a sector growing in a world where we are now talking more about a recession. Betterway founder believes mobility will be the focus for years to come. The trend of teleworking is going in exactly this direction.

Mobility à la carte is tending to become more democratic. Choose your mode of transport depending on the weather or mood. According to Denis Saada, we are entering an era of the post-personal car and new forms of mobility are the revolution of the 21st century.

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