The iPhone 12 hits the mark … according to air pollution in China

Morgan Stanley Bank analysts make a surprising connection between the iPhone 12 and air pollution in China. If we listen to them, air pollution is increasing again in some Chinese cities. And this increase can be explained by the production of the iPhone 12.

Analysts say they are studying nitrogen dioxide levels, which is an indicator of industrial activity at the first level. They examine data from four cities in China where Apple’s subcontractors operate. The capital is Zhengzhou, where Foxconn is installed, which assembles the iPhone 12 (and other models).

As of October 26, Zhengzhou’s air quality data shows that industrial production has increased recently. This happens one month after the usual production. That year, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were released a month later than usual. And analysts are certain: the increasing air pollution is related to the production of iPhone 12s.

Morgan Shen believes Shenzhen industrial production rose in early September but fell below historical seasonal levels. On the Chengdu side, analysts noted that industrial activity has increased in recent days. In Chongqing, industrial production has increased significantly in the last few days after rising and falling in September.

Apple will be releasing its financial results tonight. However, iPhone 12 sales are not counted as the niche is July through September.

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