a complete and free open source icon set

Icons are used daily by developers, designers, etc. There are many resources these days that can help you find free icon sets that you can use in a large number of projects. Hand icons, full icons, customization icons, and options animate icons are numerous. A new icon set is introduced today!

The Modulz team, a visual code editor that allows you to create, develop, document and deploy a design system without having to code and bring an additional product to market. Radix symbols are a series of symbols available in open source. For some time symbols have been used in both the Modulz editor and the Radix design system. The Modulz team makes its icons available for free!

Symbols created for a design system

In total, Radix Icons offers more than 200 icons with a size of 15 × 15 pixels. The symbols are sorted by category! We find arrows, objects, alignments, abstract shapes, components, typography, design, music, edges and corners and logos.
All symbols are available as individual React components, and the symbols can easily be imported into a React project. Icons can also be opened in Figma, downloaded for Sketch, IconJar, or even in SVG format.

The feedback on this product has been very positive, as the reviews in Product Hunt show. Some compare it to a “Mary Kondo Symbol Set”, others add that the symbols offered are “unique and different from other packs”. A practical set for all designers and developers!

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