Donald Trump’s campaign page was briefly hacked

Donald Trump’s campaign website was hacked for 30 minutes on Wednesday October 28, 2020. The current US President’s website was updated with the following message: “The world is fed up with widespread misinformation every day from President Donald Trump”. “It is time to let people know the truth”. This incident occurs five days before the US presidential election as authorities work hard to limit these hacks.

Hacker claims to have compromising information on Trump

The author of this hacking claimed that he had obtained compromising information about the American president through the back door of the website, especially from secret conversations between him and his relatives. Jewish news reporter Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler from Northern California was the first to identify the hack.

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The FBI accuses six Russian hackers of being behind MacronLeaks

The uncertainty surrounding this hacker’s intentions remains, but the act does not go unnoticed to intelligence agencies, fearful more hackers than ever before. John Ratcliffe, director of the national intelligence service, claims to have identified Iran and Russia as two nations responsible for some tampering with voter registration databases in the past few weeks.

Donald Trump’s campaign website hacked the home page

Even without evidence, the hacker accused the Trump administration of having a worrying connection to the origin of Covid-19 and of collaborating with foreign actors in the face of the American elections. Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson confirmed the website’s deterioration, but claimed that “there is no exposure to sensitive data as none of it is stored on the website.” Network. The site was restored identically. “

Last July, an American teenager, Graham Clark, bribed a Twitter employee and successfully hacked Barack Obama’s Twitter accounts, as well as those of Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and companies like these as Apple and Coinbase. But last week Donald Trump said at a rally in Arizona, “Nobody is hacked. To be hacked, the hacker must have an IQ of 197 and require around 15% of your password. “

Use of cryptocurrency that is difficult to track

The perpetrator, whose identity has not been identified, started a pot to encourage people to donate using a cryptocurrency (Monero) that is very difficult to track. A popular method among cyber criminals that Donald Trump dislikes. He tweeted last July: “I’m not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that are not money and whose value is very volatile and vacuum-based. Unregulated crypto assets can facilitate illegal behavior, including drug trafficking and other illegal activities. “

Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise, as we saw in particular on October 19, when the FBI and the US Department of Justice announced charges against six Russian military intelligence officers for multiple cyber attacks, including the political party. “En Marche” by Emmanuel Macron, a few days before his election in 2017.

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