5 more days until the US elections: unreal peace in Washington – politics

The Supreme Court has reinforced absenteeism and late counting in the Pennsylvania and North Carolina decisions. Here … Photo: dpa

Five days before the election, Washington and the surrounding suburbs of Virginia and Maryland are calm in expectation. Many who work in politics, administration, lobby organizations and business in the capital live there.

Many discussion partners express their surprise at this state of mind. 2020 is the “most memorable choice” of their lives, as they expected hectic, bustle and nervousness in the days before.

On the one hand, the fighting and their noise take place at a distance. Donald Trump and Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris campaigned in Arizona on Wednesday. Trump has performed in Bullhead City and Goodyear. Harris in Tucson and Phoenix.

The fighting is raging far away

In Arizona there are eleven electoral votes and one seat on the Senate. The fact that the Democrats are the favorites in this long and reliable Republican state in 2020 proves: Trump is on the defensive, the Democrats are expanding the battle zone. Meanwhile, Joe and Jill Biden cast their votes in the early ballot in Wilmington, Delaware.

On the other hand, many feel that somehow these elections have already taken place. You briefly talk about your insecurity based on the 2016 experience of Donald Trump’s surprise victory. But all in all, their confidence is stronger than their doubts.

Seen in this way, the worn-out language images of the “calm before the storm” or the “calm in the eye of the hurricane” do not fit the situation. Here in DC and the surrounding area, where Democrats are in the majority, there is hope that a fairly clear outcome can be expected for Joe Biden and that there are no concerns that there will be a long counting battle in court or some other unclear situation. .

The Supreme Court strengthens the vote by letter, Trump’s judge abstains

The Supreme Court, meanwhile, has rejected a Republican motion to shorten the deadline for postal ballots in Pennsylvania. And also a similar request to reduce the number of postal votes in North Carolina. Trump-appointed new judge Amy Coney Barrett abstained. Even this evil suspicion that she is a safe voice for the power interests of the Republicans has not been confirmed for now.

As a distraction from the nervousness of the election, the people “within the ring road”, within the Washington ring road, instead enjoyed the “Anonymous” outing, which caused quite a stir with a guest article in the “New York Times. In September 2018. There is a resistance movement within the Trump administration, he wrote. Now it comes out: the author was Miles Taylor, then Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Homeland Security. Actually a Republican. However, he accused Trump of betraying his oath of office. In another anonymous book, he later described Trump as an undisciplined and immoral person. Trump is now calling for Taylor to be prosecuted.

More than 70 million have already cast their votes by letter or “early voting” – more than half of the total number of voters in 2016 and about half of the number of over 150 million citizens expected by 2020. The US is heading for on a high turnout.

Biden lags behind in the polls – but at a high level

As a result, it has so far caused little uncertainty that Biden has dropped out in the surveys: from 10.3 percentage points in mid-October to an average of 7.3 in the national surveys. And from an average of 5 to 3.6 percentage points in the polls in the decisive “battleground states”. The votes already cast cannot be changed or withdrawn. According to surveys, Biden is well ahead of both post and early voters. And the conductance being measured now is also essentially comfortable.

It is widely expected that Democrats in Virginia and Washington will conquer the White House and defend their leadership in the House of Representatives. On the other hand, whoever has a majority in the Senate after the election is considered open. But even there, the likelihood speaks more for the Democrats. Then little would stand in the way of a moderate correction of the Trump era.

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