Questions of the day: Terror in France, emotional debate in the Bundestag – politics

What happened?

• Another terror in France: a man killed three people in Nice. A woman’s throat was slit in a church. France has declared the highest level of terror warning. Read here what is known about the crime.

• Deep corona tear in the Bundestag: in defending the partial lockdown in the Bundestag, even the Union becomes emotional. But not only the AfD is widening the gap in the Bundestag – the FDP as well. Desert hostility meets roaring rage.

• The Federal Constitutional Court rejects an urgent application against the Berlin rent ceiling: a landlord wanted to prevent the second phase of the rent ceiling from starting on 23 November by means of summary proceedings. The judges rejected the request.

• Homemade explosive detonated in Berlin-Mitte: Unknown people detonated an explosive device in Mitte on Sunday. Among other things, the police found a confession letter calling for new elections. Are opponents of the corona the perpetrators?

• Interview with Bodo Ramelow: In an interview with my colleague Matthias Meisner, he explains why the Prime Minister of Thuringia is not satisfied with the compromise reached with Merkel – and why Corona rebels scare him.

What was discussed?

Caricature: Klaus Stuttmann

• A country in a state of emergency: the attack in Nice affects an uncertain country. In addition to the terrorist threat, the French are severely affected by the pandemic. An analysis by Albrecht Meier.

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• The new strength of Michael Müller: the reigning mayor of Berlin wins the battle for the Bundestag candidacy. So is everything okay with the SPD in the capital? No. A comment from Ulrich Zawatka-Gerlach.

• BER opening: Willy Brandt Airport will finally open at the gates of Berlin on Saturday. Who would have thought that?

What can subscribers read?

A traffic light warns motorists of pedestrians crossing the road on their way to the employment agency Photo: Jan Woitas / ZB / dpa

• How the Federal Temporary Employment Agency is dealing with the crisis: They help people who lose their jobs with reduced working hours: Corona is also putting the employees of the temporary employment agency under enormous pressure. An insight into an authority that some call a fortress.

• Comeback of supersonic flights: Passenger aircraft should break the sound barrier again this decade: quieter, more efficient and with green fuel.

• Which stocks benefit from Trump – and which from Biden: The outcome of the US presidential election will determine which stocks will be sought after on the stock exchange. Shortly before November 3, there is great uncertainty.

• This woman saves time in Berlin: Marina de Fümel repairs clocks in the city museum that have long since stopped ticking. When they were still in use, the days passed much more slowly. And each city decided for itself when the hour struck.

What can we do?

Listening to music: In the concert series “Debuut in Deutschlandfunk Kultur”, the Leipzig Gyldfeldt Quartet inspires in the chamber music hall of the Philharmonie.

Quickly watch another movie: In Michael Venus’s horror movie “Sleep”, a woman falls into a mysterious provincial hotel in a catatonic state. Your daughter wants to know.

Listen to a podcast: BER opens on Saturday. The perfect opportunity to ask the airport manager again in the Checkpoint podcast: How bad was it really?

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

In France, there are extensive travel restrictions for citizens. Schools will remain open, bars and restaurants will close. The measures are initially limited to December 1.

New Zealand announces referendum results on the legalization of recreational cannabis and the legalization of euthanasia. New Zealanders were also called on to participate in these two referendums in the parliamentary elections on October 17. The results will not be announced until two weeks later.

Number of the day

The musician Frank Zander lived in his apartment in Neukölln for 50 years. Now he has to get out.

The 78-year-old has received an almost immediate cancellation from his Munich landlord, who is currently having a luxury apartment built above Zander’s attic apartment. Extract requested: next Friday. A first solidarity demonstration has already taken place.

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