XCOM 2 Collection: An iOS Version Gameplay Video (Trailer)

He was minus one. A few days before the game launches, Feral finally releases a gameplay video of the XCOM 2 Collection in its iOS version. The few sequences on offer put the quality of the port at ease: the overall performance isn’t criticized (it’s actually pretty pretty despite the age of the title) and the gameplay has been completely optimized for touch controls. It’s fluid, with no concessions, and that probably justifies the 28 euros it takes to restore the game, along with the War of the Chosen expansion and the 4 DLC packs. The XCOM 2 collection will be available in the App Store from November 5th. The game, packs and expansion take up 8.5 GB of storage space on the iPhone or iPad. That’s a lot, but we’re talking about a real console-quality game here, not just another free mobile game. The XCOM 2 Collection can be pre-ordered at this address.

In addition, you need to know more about it.

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