Shortly before the second lockdown: Dear favorite bar, please survive! – Politics

We all have our favorite place, don’t we? Most of the time, it’s not even the food that keeps you going, but the people you associate with the restaurant. The waitresses and waitresses, the owner, the owner, the other guests, who you may never have spoken to, but still nod when you meet again. It’s this place with one favorite window table reserved for special occasions. A place to go on a date, have a business meal, or go spontaneously because you don’t feel like swinging your own pots.

My favorite place is in Charlottenburg. I was already crying with heartbreak when the waiter put a gin and tonic in front of me wordlessly. This is where I celebrated my last birthdays, my daughter’s testimonials, here I swore, laughed and loved. Like all restaurants, it is closed from Monday. But this time, no one knows if it will reopen after the second lock.

Yesterday I was there again and the table has already been reserved for Sunday. Trying to save what can be saved, giving support, tipping two or three times, although I have to see for myself how to get through this time as a solo self. But you don’t disappoint your family when it comes down to it.

“You are totally unreasonable,” my friends complain. You only leave the house for the most necessary things. Fair? My favorite place is more than necessary. For my soul For months they tirelessly implemented every new edition, were always creative according to the hygiene rules, but above all they invested a lot of money in blankets, chairs, radiant heaters and wind protection so that the guests could feel safe here. And we have. Because everyone was aware of the responsibility to protect and support each other.

Yes, there are black sheep, but they were in the minority. Why does the majority that meet all the requirements have to pay the bill for the few that fail? They could have been withdrawn from circulation with controls. Having to close all stores is fatal. For the owners, but also for our guests. Because only the big chains, bars with no character, will possibly survive. On the other hand, the restaurants for which the guests are important will lose, not the profit.

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Yes, the point now is to reduce contacts as much as possible to avoid potential infection risks. And the promised financial support from the state could help some to get through the four weeks. But many have not yet overcome the last lock financially, for many the subsidy is just a drop in the ocean. So I can understand that some innkeepers have already gone to court against curfew. And many others will now follow.

On Twitter, someone wrote that any fine imposed by mask refusers should go to art and culture. Not a bad idea, as it were, a cross-subsidization for everything that is not systemically important, but without which we would be very poor emotionally. I can only hope that my favorite restaurant in Berlin has internalized the spirit to outdo itself during the crisis so we can celebrate the reopening in four weeks.

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