An extension that shows the political prejudice of an article

In times of fake news, American presidential elections, or even COVID-19, correctness of information and political neutrality are two essential elements. News travels quickly, especially on social networks. Most media are politically oriented, which leads to distortions in the transmission of information.

To overcome this, Ground News Bias Checker is a free extension that allows you to get a second opinion on the news you read. Each time an article is read, the extension allows for comparison with other media dealing with the same subject as the subject is treated, across the political spectrum. Regardless of where the news is distributed directly on the websites or via social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even Reddit, the tool shows the political orientation of the article and that of the other media that processed the information. . The extension is available in Chrome, but also in Firefox, Edge, Brave or Opera.

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Get an idea of ​​a multi-source message

Regardless of the media in which a message is read, there is always a bias or a bias. Thanks to the extension, it is possible to read the same information that has been processed in different ways to make your own choice. Over 50,000 sources are available and are checked multiple times. In order to make the prejudices easier to understand, a color code is established: blue for “the left” and liberators and red for “the right” or conservatives.

The extension offers different options for navigating by topic, location, people or even media. Ground News Bias Checker offers international coverage and filters news according to individual interests.

The extension appears superimposed when, for example, information is published on Facebook so as not to interrupt surfing. With one click it is possible to access a summary of how other sources are reporting on the same news.

Ground News also has an iOS and Android application that allows you to enjoy news from over 50,000 sources!

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