iPhone 12: A tool from Apple is required to repair the camera

Do you want to repair or completely replace the camera of your iPhone 12? We have to forget the idea. Apple has introduced restrictions that require you to use an in-house tool to “validate” the repair.

iFixit tried to integrate the camera from an iPhone 12 into another model. The experience is very unstable with various problems. The camera app seems to work on first launch, but issues quickly appear. It refuses to switch to the ultra wide angle photosensor, only responds to certain modes and sometimes hangs.

Apple technicians have access to a tool that is used to “validate” the repair. This tells the iPhone that the repair will be done by an authorized technician and not a third party or the user. This tool is only available from Apple and Authorized Repairers.

The documentation for Apple technicians shows that all new Apple phones are affected by this policy. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, they all happen. The document also states that the tool will be used to “validate” the repair of the screen. However, according to iFixit, it managed to change the screen normally. iOS just displays a warning that the screen may not be original. This was the case during the test, but the notification was still displayed.

A similar situation exists when changing the Touch ID or the Face ID. But that can possibly find out here as both are tied to the iPhone’s secure enclave. These are important dates. It now seems that the camera is on the same level in Apple’s eyes.

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