Berlin Architecture Prize 2020: Time in Space – Real Estate – Economics

Lists of winners The Berlin Architecture Prize is “Who’s Who?” And yet this difference, which is associated with a special reputation, is more than an exhibition event in honor of those who are already established. Anyone who wins the Berlin Architecture Prize, in addition to beautiful images of urban structure, always has something to offer the urban community – ideally something that shows the way to the future.

Leaving aside the aesthetic form aside and looking at the preferred building material of the current award winners, these are concrete years. No matter how many climate activists hold symposia on wood construction, others talk about shaped clay: The future seems to belong to concrete. It may be the only material that can withstand the impending “thermal apocalypse” inside and out effortlessly.

To avoid misunderstandings: The jury was, of course, also able to heat up the wood. She honored the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art for the “first” building with its functional structure, which is supported by a wooden frame structure. The excellent roof extension on Wassertorstraße is also a redensification of the wooden structure.

The prize for architecture in Berlin was recently awarded for the eleventh time by a non-profit organization of the same name. It has been awarded under the auspices of the Senator for Urban Development and Housing since 1992. The awards ceremony is likely to take place next year. The winners have been known since the beginning of this week. A call was issued for the architects who completed the building in the state of Berlin between January 2016 and April 2020. A total of 153 submitted works were accepted for the tender.

In addition to the jury awards, the public was invited to identify their favorites through online voting. Axthelm Rolvien receives the Audience Award Berlin Award 2020 2020, endowed with 5,000 euros.

“New Urban Living” Special Award: Live shelves in Moabit. The project (FAR frohn & rojas Planungsgesellschaft mbH) is for … Photo: David von Becker

The winner of the “New Urban Living” special prize will receive prize money (€ 3,000) donated by degewo AG. The winner was “Das Wohnregal” (FAR frohn & rojas), a residential and studio building made of standardized industrially used precast concrete elements, which was assembled on Waldenserstraße 25. The jury hopes that both the “public sector” and private builders will see the success of this model. for future development.

The three winners of the Berlin 2020 Architecture Prize will receive a cash prize of € 10,000 in equal parts from the Fachgemeinschaft Bau Berlin Brandenburg. We are pleased: David Chipperfield Architects Berlin (James-Simon-Galerie), E2A Piet Eckert and Wim Eckert Architects, Zurich (new taz building) and Brandlhuber + Emde, Burlon / Muck Petzet Architects (Terrassenhaus Berlin / Lobe Block).

The jury included: Hetty Berg, Director of the Museum (Jewish Museum in Berlin), Jason Bruges, Designer (Jason Bruges Studio, London), Kevin Carmody, Architect (Carmody Groarke, London), Almut Grüntuch-Ernst (Grüntuch Ernst Architects, Berlin) , Johann König, owner of the gallery (KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin).

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