ByteDance introduces an intelligent lamp for children

ByteDance has just launched its first consumer gadget: a smart touchscreen lamp designed specifically for children, Bloomberg reports. This excursion is part of a specific approach by the Chinese giant looking to invest more in e-education.

Focus on education

With a value of 100 dollars, the device also contains an integrated camera and a voice assistant that can be used to accompany schoolchildren in particular with their homework. Parents can monitor their children via a mobile application that connects to the camera. The lamp has been available since July, but ByteDance just announced that it is behind the product. The company also plans to market additional educational devices under the Dali brand.

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ByteDance wants to offer the youngest a better learning system thanks to the technology and wants to develop a whole ecosystem, hardware and software for education. This also applies to teachers and institutions. The Chinese giant already has several digital educational services, including Guagua Long (interactive English and Chinese classes), GoGoKid (private English classes from North American teachers), or even Qingbei (classes similar to classics for multiple students) and are still in a booming market go further.

If ByteDance is known as a true application engine, its misadventures in the US seem to be diversifying.

ByteDance is very difficult

The social network TikTok (subsidiary of ByteDance), whose Chinese version is called Douyin, is actually threatened with a ban across the Atlantic, where it has no fewer than 100 million users. The country’s authorities accuse him, among other things, of passing on the data of his American users to the Chinese government.

Despite this inconvenience, ByteDance continues its insane conquest of the world. The company, valued at $ 140 billion by the business analysis platform CBInsights, achieved sales of $ 5.6 billion in the first quarter of 2020. The Dali lamp now has almost $ 5.6 billion in sales, 3000 user reviews on the e-commerce platform.

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