Spotify Premium: A price increase is imminent

It’s not just Netflix that is increasing its prices (in Canada and the United States for now). Spotify will soon do the same with Spotify Premium as announced by Daniel Ek. The music streaming service manager said this during a phone conversation with analysts.

Daniel Ek notes that Spotify is trying to grow its user base. At the same time, the service has matured in some “rich content” areas, he says. This therefore justifies an imminent price increase for Spotify Premium.

The streaming service has already tested price increases for Spotify Premium in some regions. Daniel Ek makes sure that user feedback on this topic has been positive. This prompts him to check prices up in several regions. In fact, there were family subscription increases in a dozen countries, including Belgium and Switzerland, in October.

Of course, a price hike for Spotify Premium in the midst of a health crisis isn’t necessarily ideal. Daniel Ek knows. Spotify “will continue to be cautious so as not to be one step ahead of the market,” said the market leader.

In France, Spotify Premium is available for one person at a price of € 9.99 / month. It’s € 12.99 / month for two people and € 14.99 / month for a family. There is also a student offer for € 4.99 / month.

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