Apple revenue would decrease without the 30% commission

Several developers find Apple’s 30% commission for the App Store way too high. Others mainly criticize the fact that it is mandatory because Apple doesn’t allow alternative payments. Apple today offers an update on this topic.

In a financial document, the group said removing the 30% commission for the App Store would have a significant impact on the bottom line. The same applies if the commission rate is reduced. “The financial position and the operating results of the company could be significantly affected,” says the iPhone manufacturer.

Last night Apple announced its financial results for the July through September period. Service revenue (including the App Store) was $ 14.5 billion. It’s a new record. Part of that comes from the 30% commission for buying an app or buying within an app. Apple dictates its payment system, hence the 30%.

Apple has no plans to lower the App Store commission. But for the last few months developers and even some politicians have been under great pressure.

The only customization that exists is for subscriptions. The commission increases from 30% to 15% if a user has a subscription for more than 12 consecutive months. If not, it remains 30%.

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