AirPods Pro sound issues: Apple is replacing them for free

Apple announces that it has set up a repair program for AirPods Pro that is experiencing sound issues. According to Apple, it is “a limited number of AirPods Pro”. The models were produced before October 2020.

An AirPod Pro affected by this abnormality might have one or more of the following characteristics:

Crackling or static noise that increases in intensity in a noisy environment, during exercise, or during a phone call. Improper operation of noise canceling technology, including falling or rising of background bass noise (for example, those generated by traffic or an airplane)

Apple has announced that the AirPod that has a problem is eligible for a free replacement. Apple takes care of it directly. Otherwise, you can go to an Apple Authorized Service Center.

If you have a sound problem with your AirPods, you have three options. The repair program is available from an Apple Store, an Apple Authorized Service Center, or Apple Support. Given the limitation in France, it may be preferable to choose the third option.

Apple states that this program does not extend the duration of the standard AirPods Pro warranty. Your consumer protection rights remain unaffected by this program.

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