The orange health crisis is going well

Orange, the French operator that wants to be ubiquitous, had a good turnover in France, up 3.2%, while regretting a decline in its European market (-4.2%). For its markets in Africa and the Middle East, Orange continues to expand thanks to its attractive cellular plans and Orange Money, a money transfer service. Overall, sales remained stable in the third quarter and reached sales of 10.6 billion euros. In the last 9 months, the turnover of the French group has increased by around + 0.7%.

Resilience in all Orange stores

“Since the beginning of the year, the group has demonstrated its resilience in all markets in the face of an extraordinary health and economic crisis. We are in line with all of our financial targets for the year, ”said Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange. In fact, the operator continues to attract new customers: in the same period there were 125,000 more on mobile devices and 360,000 more on fiber compared to just 178,000 last year. Orange’s largest market, France, is seeing encouraging service dynamics, which is reflected in sales (+ 3.2%).

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France Telecom was founded in 1988 and became Orange in 1994. Today it attracts 266 million customers worldwide. It is often the leader or second operator in 75% of the European countries where it is established, and in 83% of the African countries or the Middle East.
The aim is to expand its activities, especially through the sale of content (music, cinema) or even electronic products, while offering remote assistance and online advertising.

854 million euros for 5G

Orange wants to keep up with the times. For the acquisition of the largest block (90 MHw) with 5G frequencies, 854 million euros were spent. “We have therefore started the projects that are required to set up a European TowerCo, in which our mobile towers in France and Spain are combined. Our FiberCos projects in rural areas in France and Poland are also making good progress, ”said Stéphane Richard. Orange has also decided to sell half of its rural networks, ie 4 million lines or almost 2 billion euros in sales.

After an encouraging performance, French telecommunications are looking to accelerate the pace of its ‘Engage 2025’ plan, launched in 2019, which aims to put data and artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of its innovation model. with the support of Google Cloud. The goal is also to act for the planet: zero carbon by 2040 and achieve digital equality at the same time. In the meantime, Orange is entering the lucrative 5G market and rubbing its hands together, as the French state is already doing, which pocketed 2.7 billion euros thanks to these auctions.

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