This site has original CSS backgrounds and is free!

To illustrate a presentation or even a site, a background is essential as a design element! Animated, static, colorful, simple, with or without a pattern, the possibilities are endless. To create or find a background you need to be creative. However, it is not always easy to find! Fortunately, there are several tools available to help you find and create original backgrounds.

This is especially the case with CSS background patterns. This free tool has 20 backgrounds to customize, be it color, opacity, or the spacing between shapes. A very handy tool offered by MagicPattern, a platform that offers an unlimited number of backgrounds with patterns generated with one click. Handy for sharing pictures on social networks.

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Original pattern and an editable background

Using CSS background patterns is very easy. Once on the website, you can view and preview the 20 models on offer in miniature but also in bulk as the website background changes automatically.

The top toolbar allows you to change the background color and pattern color, as well as the background opacity and the spacing between shapes. Once the ideal background has been created, you need to copy the CSS code from it and use it in a project! All that is required is a CSS class for the background to appear. Modern backgrounds that don’t “get stuck in the 2000s” and make it possible to give a place a touch of modernity.

For original backgrounds, there are other tools like Trianglify which allows you to create unique backgrounds out of triangles, the Background Generator which can be used to create static backgrounds, or even Naker.Back which allows you to create dynamic backgrounds for websites!

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