After the presidential elections: Maas wants a new start in relation to US politics

Federal Secretary of State Heiko Maas (SPD) has expressed the hope that the outcome of the US presidential election on Tuesday will also be accepted by the defeated candidate. “What I wish is that what we have learned from the Americans happens: that the rules of democracy are accepted by everyone,” Maas told Tagesspiegel on Sunday.

“This means that there are not only brilliant winners, but also good losers,” added the SPD politician. This also includes “the culture of bourgeois treatment among Democrats”. US President Donald Trump had left it open whether he would accept a possible loss to Joe Biden. The Democratic challenger is currently leading the polls.

Maas refused to make a commitment to both candidates. “It would be dangerous if I, as Secretary of State, formulated personal wishes for the results of elections in other countries,” he said.

It is not a German decision, but the democratic election of the Americans: “We will then have to deal with every election result.”

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The Secretary of State is counting on a fresh start in relations between Germany and the US after the presidential election on November 3. “We will approach Washington with proposals shortly after the election – and propose a transatlantic ‘New Deal’,” he said.

What is needed is a new common understanding of the global “rules of the game”. Trade and climate protection and the corona pandemic are “areas where purely national responses fall short”.

Maas refuses to abuse the EU by President Donald Trum. “It has to come to an end,” he says. Photo: REUTERS

Without speaking directly for the Democrat, Maas emphasized: “Joe Biden has a tradition that multilateral cooperation is America’s strength. Behind this lies the insight that individual nations cannot cope with the great challenges of this world, such as globalization, digitization, climate change, migration and / or the pandemic, but that international solutions are needed. ”

That is also his own approach as German Foreign Minister. “The future of the world looks terrible if we don’t tackle the big questions of our time together,” Maas warned.

The Secretary of State regretted the way the incumbent president dealt with Europe. “We had to hear that Trump in the same breath referred to China, Russia and the EU as the US’s greatest adversaries. It has to end, ”he said.

Dealing with future tasks for Europeans, Germans and Americans will be “easier if we tackle them together, if we listen to and learn from each other again,” said the SPD politician, “Just as partners and friends do.”

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