Terrorist attack in Vienna: Attack in Austria – what we know and what not – political

According to the Austrian police, three passers-by were killed in the terror attack in Vienna on Monday evening. There are two men and a woman. In addition, the perpetrator shot by the police has come, it was said on Tuesday morning. What is currently known about the crime and what is not:

How the act went in Vienna:

According to Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, the attack began at 8 p.m. near the Jewish synagogue in Vienna. At 8:09 pm a hitman was murdered by the police. The authorities currently assume that gunfights took place at six locations during this period. The victims currently in hospital have gunshot and stab wounds.

Authorities spoke of a total of 17 injured. Six of them were seriously injured. Three people have been released from hospital since Tuesday morning.

One of the injured is a 28-year-old police officer. According to authorities, his condition was stable on Tuesday morning.

What happened next:

Police were on duty with special forces and cordoned off the area around the crime scene. Controls have also been tightened at the borders in Austria.

In the evening and morning, the authorities asked the population in Vienna to stay at home because it could not be ruled out that one or more perpetrators were still on the run.

Several arrests and house searches have taken place so far.

What is known about the perpetrator (s):

The Austrian Minister of the Interior speaks of an Islamist attack. This became clear after the house search of the perpetrator. The killer was a sympathizer of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia, Nehammer said Tuesday morning. So far there has been no confession letter.

The man was armed with an assault rifle, wearing a dummy explosives belt and probably a machete. Apparently he wanted to spread panic.

What’s next now?

On Tuesday morning there were 1,000 officials in Vienna. “We cannot rule out at the moment that there are other perpetrators,” said Nehammer. The relevant investigations were in full swing. Thousands of videos showing scenes of the attack have been uploaded to a police server so far.

In view of the attack in the center of Vienna, the government is holding a special cabinet meeting at 9:00 am – via video conference. At 10 a.m., Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) addressed the population in a speech. (Teaspoon, with dpa)

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