TousAntiCovid: A big bug in the extraordinary travel certificate (almost fixed)

“You should never sell the app’s skin before you’ve used it” (geek proverb). After the first satisfactory numbers, TousAntiCovid (App Store Link – Free – iPhone / iPad) came close to epic failure again. Our colleagues from iGen inform us that the QR codes of the exceptional travel certificates (certificate generated by the app) are not recognized by QR-DNUM. However, this is the application created by the digital department of the Ministry of the Interior to read these famous codes.

However, according to our colleague, this big error would stem from the date format contained in the QR code. This format would be different from the format used in the web version of the attestation generator. The department’s development team was informed of this major bug and quickly corrected the bug … in the iOS version of the app. In other words, the concern remains with Android. Still missing!

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