Windows 10 will help you find the mouse pointer

You were probably wondering, “Where the hell is the cursor?” If you have a Mac, you can quickly move the mouse to see the cursor appear roughly for a moment. Microsoft will take Windows 10 for inspiration.

Microsoft is exploring the idea with PowerToys. A demo shows that the mouse pointer is highlighted with a circle under Windows 10 and a dark look is created all around. Suffice it to say that with this method, it is difficult not to know where the cursor is.

We currently don’t know when we can expect this feature. But it is unlikely to happen this year. Microsoft is currently working on bug fixes for PowerToys and the group has stopped developing new features.

Until you have this functionality, you can use an alternate method. In Windows 10, a circle can be temporarily displayed around the mouse pointer by pressing the Ctrl key. To do this, go to the advanced mouse settings and the “Pointer Options” tab. Check the last box and click “Apply”. Press the CTRL key on your keyboard to see the mouse pointer clearly.

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