2020 US election: Biden sees himself on his way to victory, Trump speaks of electoral fraud – politics

Contrary to expectations, there were no major disruptions on election day

Election day passed largely peacefully until shortly before midnight US time. Many civil rights activists feared Trump supporters would be aggressive around polling stations. This means that the campaign could use the establishment of “poll watchers”, the election observers to which both parties are entitled, to deter voters.

Donald Trump had several times called on his supporters to monitor the election “very closely” and referred to alleged fraud, and repeated it the day before the election. His campaign recruited 50,000 “poll watchers”, according to his own account. But his followers don’t seem to have followed him en masse – at least not until now.

AP reports on a press conference held by the chair of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a civil rights legal association. The president, Kristen Clarke, said that while the number of reported incidents has increased compared to 2016, 30,000 incidents have been reported to the hotline.

Clarke also said that given the tense general situation, significantly more reports were expected.

Civil rights organizations such as the Institute for Research on Human Rights collect individual incidents, for example over the weekend in Lane County, a group of gunmen with pick-up trucks are said to have reached some sort of roadblock on their way to a delivery point for voting documents by mail (police so far only confirmed the access an electoral process, not the incident itself). But it seems to be more of an isolated case.

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