AI detects asymptomatic cases of Covid-19 with forced cough

The MIT Research Institute claims to have implemented an AI that manages to detect an infection through a simple forced cough on a smartphone or computer. This 98.5% reliable cough detector has identified asymptomatic people who have become infected with Covid-19. In addition, this AI can identify the different types of cough that the human ear cannot qualify.

This technological advancement, which shows a result in a few seconds, could make the government’s statement much easier: test, alert, protect. This customized screening tool can come in handy, especially for asymptomatic individuals who are de facto less likely to test and therefore potentially infect other people.

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Neurological impairment

Scientists at this retired institute looked into Covid-19 after longing to be interested in Alzheimer’s disease. This leads to a decrease in memory and neuromuscular degradation, such as B. a weakening of the vocal cords. Indeed, the MIT team has found similarities between the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and Covid-19: both at least affect the neurological impairments of patients.

The team observed small changes in speech and other noises associated with the virus, as well as deterioration in lung and respiratory performance. “The sounds of speech and coughing are both influenced by the vocal cords and the surrounding organs. This means that when you speak, part of your speech is like a cough and vice versa. Researcher Brian Subirana also explains that this AI “can know your gender, your native language and even your emotional state” because “it creates a feeling that is evoked by the way you cough”.

Reduce the spread of the virus

According to the researcher, “effectively implementing this group diagnostic tool could reduce the spread of the pandemic if everyone used it before going to a classroom, factory or restaurant.” All the user has to do is cough on their phone and instantly receive a notification if they are contaminated. However, the development of this cutting-edge tool will not be without consequences, especially with regard to data protection. While in France the state prosecution motion to combat the pandemic is having difficulty getting through, this AI could also make more than a skeptic.

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