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Protests in Portland – Activists set fire to American flags

In Portland, some armed activists have moved to the courthouse there. There have been protests against racism in the city for weeks. The protesters chanted slogans against US President Donald Trump and Mayor Ted Wheeler, who won local elections on Tuesday. Rumors about the outcome of the presidential election were circulating: “I hear it’s running for Trump now,” said protest leader Ty Ford. “There will be a riot.” Once the election results are out, it will go “crazy,” he predicted.

A 20-year-old protester who called himself “L” said, “We don’t like both candidates – I have, ashamed, voted for Biden. But if Trump were elected for another four years, people would panic” , he said. 22-year-old activist DD made a similar statement: going to the polls was a choice between two evils. “But we’ll agree with Biden.”

Activists set fire to two US flags in Oregon federal court. The police only intervened in the early hours on Wednesday. Earlier, there had been a three-hour march through downtown Portland, involving several firearms and stabbing activists.

The FBI of the US Federal Police had warned of armed clashes between left-wing and right-wing activists in the run-up to the election. Self-proclaimed, right-wing extremist vigilante groups such as the “Proud Boys” were not seen on Wednesday evening. (AFP)

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