US Election Drama: Trump Takes Further Legal Action in Pennsylvania – Politics

US President Donald Trump is taking further legal action against vote counting in the controversial state of Pennsylvania. In a lawsuit, Trump’s campaign team demanded, among other things, that further vote counting be suspended until their election observers have better access to it. In another lawsuit, Trump is also taking action against lettered ballots that reach the election committee Friday afternoon.

Pennsylvania Governor Democrat Tom Wolf condemned the lawsuit as unfounded. “Attempts to undermine the democratic process are just shameful,” Wolf told journalists Wednesday evening (local time). Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, who was responsible for leading the election, said the state would continue the count in a transparent and legal manner for the time being.

Trump has led the way in Pennsylvania so far, but his lead is diminishing as more ballots are counted. With 20 electoral votes, Pennsylvania could become a crucial state for the presidential election. Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, declared the president the winner in a conference call on Wednesday, while the votes were still counting. Trump had previously claimed the entire election for himself, although Democratic challenger Joe Biden currently has a good chance of victory.

The Trump side also paved the way to challenge the vote count again in the Supreme Court. In previous efforts by the Republicans, the Supreme Court had enforced the rule that ballots could arrive in Pennsylvania three days after Nov. 3. However, three Conservative judges were willing to rehearse the issue after the election. Trump’s lawyers have now applied to be recognized as a plaintiff in the proceedings. (dpa)

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