XCOM 2 Collection Beats the Alien on iOS (App Store Release)

“The world has changed” is the description of the game, and that’s little to say. In the XCOM 2 collection (App Store link – 27.99 euros – iPhone / iPad), venerable aliens rule the earth again, and the XCOM armed forces are similar to the Mission Impossible team in the Ghost Protocol. Fortunately for humanity, resistance is organizing, and the new battles that lie before us may make it possible to drive the invader away, this time for good. The cult-tactical XCOM 2 collection contains the expansion XCOM 2: War of the Chosen and the four DLC packs. The game really runs like clockwork on newer iPhones and shows good 3D graphics (for phones). And of course, the user interface has been completely optimized for touch. The XCOM 2 Collection is particularly expensive (28 euros anyway), but it remains absolutely indispensable for the amateurs of the genre.

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