In cities that are reluctant to use, operators will not insist

Last August, the mayor of Bordeaux wanted to slow the pace of 5G. A moratorium on this new technology was even mentioned to save time given the deployment of 5G. As Numerama reports, the request formulated by the telecommunications authority to the operators should also please cities like Bordeaux, which do not yet seem ready to welcome 5G.

In reluctant cities, operators won’t impose 5G

We saw it abroad, in the UK or in the Netherlands. 5G was the source of the conspiracy theory that led to incidents like fires. In France, 5G is not necessarily welcome in certain areas and operators should not insist on using it in those areas. At the time of launch, 5G may again experience delays. It is worth remembering that the auction of 5G spectrum was also delayed by being postponed.

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All of these events have led the head of the telecommunications regulator to advise operators to engage in dialogue in the areas where they want to deploy 5G. He also believes that operators have every interest in taking into account the reality on the ground so take into account the local opinion on 5G. From a legal point of view, however, none of the operators need and should ask the mayor for his opinion. On this subject, Sébastien Soriano states that “from the moment the operators have the authorization for the frequencies granted by Arcep, they can deploy the network”.

A tip that can annoy operators …

As Sébastien Soriano points out, some cities have decided to organize meetings to discuss 5G, its usefulness and the help it could provide to certain public services. According to him, “it would be really a good idea for operators to respect these consultations and not come into force. We invite them to respect local democracy and enter into dialogue with the territories. “This process is likely to annoy operators who have spent around € 2.78 billion. So you have purchases to make profitable without wasting extra time …

After all, cities that aren’t ready to embrace 5G seem to benefit from some time as it should take some time to deploy. It should also start with some metropolitan areas before becoming national in 2022 or 2023.

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