a free tool for creating personalized QR codes

During this time of extraordinary global crises related to COVID-19, the QR code has made a comeback in various institutions. When the restaurants were still open, many people replaced paper cards with these little stickers on the tables. When scanning with the camera of his phone, the map appears as if by magic! In another situation, QR codes were installed in Moscow last March to limit excursions.

Link to QR is a free online tool that allows you to create QR codes that you can easily download. These can be personalized, e.g. B. Color, size or even the edge. The tool was developed by Alex Bas to facilitate the creation of QR codes.

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A QR code in seconds!

Creating a QR code may seem technical to people who are not very technical or so “old school” and yet. With Link to QR, all you have to do is select the URL that the QR code should refer to. Then customize the color of the QR code either with one of the colors offered or with a personalized HEX code. It is also possible to change the more or less thick border of the QR code as well as its shape (rounded or square). Thanks to the text option, text can be displayed (or not) under the QR code. Finally, the QR code can be resized as long as the shape stays square. Once the QR code is ready, it will be downloaded in PNG format or it can be shared on social networks.

In the next version of the tool it should be possible to download the QR code in SVG format and use the tool as an API.

The advantage of the link to QR is that it is free and, unlike other websites, it is not filled with advertising that is displayed everywhere and does not make the creation of the QR code easier at all!

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