Should Minors Vote ?: One issue conservatives have yet to discover – politics

It is not only in view of the US elections that questions arise whether voting in Western-model democracies is always a rational exercise. The relationships of feeling, mood, origin and environment, habit and environment are all too clear. It is therefore difficult to explain why a minimum age of 18 must be maintained in Germany for federal elections. Nonetheless, this is justified by the supposedly necessary “intellectual maturity,” which younger people apparently lack. After all, every now and then there is food for thought, such as now from the FDP, which wants to include at least 16 and 17-year-olds and put a corresponding motion on the parliamentary agenda before Thursday. In addition, she is calling for a “youth parliament” to address the concerns of those not yet eligible to vote.

Gender equality is important, children are not

Such progress has been a long time coming. While experiments are underway to enforce gender equality on electoral lists, the votes of more than 13 million minors are ignored. The right to vote for young people would also serve to raise the political awareness of the families in which they live. So basically it is a conservative topic. No one should be surprised if it quickly discovers the AfD for itself. The Union seems too old for that.

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