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The US elections are on the heels. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump still have a chance of victory. There are still many hundreds of thousands of votes left in the outstanding states. Also in the states that are casting a lot of votes and where Joe Biden has caught up with Trump in recent hours: Georgia and Pennsylvania. In both countries, however, German time is not expected until the early morning hours. In general, the following applies at the moment: Since votes by post are still counted, Biden in particular can still receive votes. Will that be enough? Nobody knows at this point. Here is an overview of how things are doing in the respective states.

Arizona – 11 voters – Biden leads, 450,000 votes open

Fox News and the AP news agency slammed the state of Arizona against Joe Biden some time ago, but more than 10 percent of the votes must be counted – the news channel “CNN” speaks of 450,000 unspoken votes. 300,000 of them in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix. Joe Biden currently has a more than two percent lead, which equates to about 70,000 votes.

When to Expect New Results: Officials in the Maricopa district, which includes the city of Phoenix, are expecting new results from 3:00 a.m. German time on Friday. According to the Secretary of State, a winner can be determined in Arizona on Friday evening (local time).

Georgia – 16 voters – Trump’s lead is melting, 50,000 votes have yet to be counted

More than 98 percent of the votes are counted in Georgia. Trump leads here with a razor-thin lead of 10,000 votes. However, the New York Times still sees opportunities for Biden as some constituencies where the Democrats are strong have yet to be counted. Republicans in the state have announced several lawsuits to invalidate the votes, according to the US newspaper. If there is a difference of 0.5 percent of the votes, a new counting of the ballot papers can be requested. Biden would have to win at least 63 percent of the remaining vote to win the state.

When to Expect New Results: On Thursday afternoon (CET), election official Gabriel Sterling commented on the situation in Atlanta, Georgia. Accordingly, only about 47,000 votes are counted in Georgia. The count will likely continue until evening (local time). Sterling also stressed that now requires accuracy rather than speed: “These tight choices require us to be diligent and make sure we get everything right.” No further news is expected in Georgia until early Friday morning (CET).

Nevada – 6 Electors – Biden’s lead melts

Here, more than 87 percent of the votes are counted. Recently, Biden was able to expand his narrow lead somewhat – from about 8,000 to about 11,000 votes. Much of the outstanding votes of Democratic Clark County – which includes Las Vegas – are still pending.

The loser of the election can request a recount of votes within three business days, but must leave a deposit to cover the estimated cost of the recount.

When to expect new results: The results of approximately 50,000 extra votes will be announced on Friday evening at around 6:00 PM German time. What remains and has to be counted are postal votes dated Nov. 3 and some will not arrive until the next week for counting. These votes are counted until November 12.

North Carolina – 15 voters – just ahead of Trump

Trump leads with 1.4 percent just after counting at least 95 percent of the vote, which equates to about 75,000 votes. Actually, this state is very conservative. Trump also won it in 2016. Almost all scenarios in his campaign dictate that he must win this state to secure his reelection. Republicans have won ten of the past twelve presidential elections.

When new results can be expected: Postal votes postmarked by the post before election day are valid until November 12. The final result would therefore be a long time in coming. Nevertheless, more than 95 percent of the votes have already been counted – there are about 116,000 still outstanding.

Pennsylvania – 20 Electors – Trump Leads

Ultimately, the state in the Rust Belt could determine who wins the election. Trump still clearly led on Wednesday with about 700,000 votes. Since the postal votes have been counted, the lead has melted to nearly 80,000 votes. Observers predict a very exciting race. In case of a difference of 0.5 percent or less, a recount of the votes is required by law.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kelly Boockvar said in an interview with “CNN” that a winner can be named on Thursday (local time), that is, Friday morning German time.

Wisconsin – 10 Voters – Biden Wins – Trump Can Count Again

After Trump surprisingly won Wisconsin in 2016, Biden has ten voters here this time. It was a very exciting race. Trump led long before Biden was declared the winner with a 0.6 percent lead, which equates to 21,000 votes.

Trump’s Republicans have already announced that they will need a vote recount in Wisconsin, which is allowed by this narrow margin under state law.

Michigan – 16 Electors – Biden wins

By contrast, Biden won the neighboring state of Michigan relatively clearly with a 2.4 percent lead – which equates to about 130,000 votes.

Sources: New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News. CNN

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