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Trump speaks of fraud: they want to steal the elections “

“If you count the legal votes, I will win,” he said. But not if you count the illegal votes and the votes that came too late. He accused the research institutes of intervening in the race. He further describes the voting process as unfair and again criticizes the postal vote. “They want to steal the elections,” he says without a receipt. So far, experts and observers see no evidence of electoral fraud in the US.

As with his first post-election appearance on Wednesday night, Trump complained again this time

Election victory for yourself.

The Republican had also announced legal action against ballot counting in the Supreme Court.

In a series of short messages in the online service

Twitter has since denounced Trump’s alleged election fraud

Count stop required. His team has already taken legal action against the graves in several states.

The president currently only has 214 of the 270 voters it takes to win. Its challenger Joe

As things stand, Biden has at least 253 voters. If you add the state of Arizona, where some media outlets have already declared Biden the winner, that adds up to 264. (wrong)

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