Warhammer: Odyssey on iOS gets a nice trailer (Trailer)

It’s been over a year since Warhammer: Odyssey was announced on mobile, and we’ve seen little news since then, other than a sneak peek at the game environments released in September. Virtual Realms Studio just released the first real trailer for its title … and it’s a nice slap in the face. The graphics in the “Simili-Third Person” view impress with their essentially tactical action with semi-real-time combat, also on mobile devices.

Warhammer Odyssey already promises a lot.

The animations during the strikes or at some distance also change us from the previous adjustments to Warhammer, which are much grosser at this level. Unfortunately, this very nice trailer has no release date. Warhammer: Odyssey is still in beta, a series that began a few months ago. We hope that this time this trailer with real in-game material means that the launch is getting closer. Sequel follows…

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