Day 4 of the US election: Biden continues to grow in Georgia – five-figure leadership in three states – politics

The US elections are on the heels. Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump still have a chance of victory. However, Joe Biden almost doubled his lead in Nevada on Friday-evening and expanded slightly twice in the ruling state of Pennsylvania. If Biden Pennsylvania wins, that would be enough for president. Here’s a rundown of what it’s like in the affected states:

Pennsylvania – 20 Voters – Again, Biden slightly extends his lead

Ultimately, the state in the Rust Belt could determine who wins the election. Biden has been in the lead here since Friday evening and has about 29,000 votes ahead of Trump on Saturday morning CET. According to a latest estimate by the “New York Times” on Saturday night, there are still about 200,000 ballots to be counted. Of these, there are about 100,000 so-called provisional ballots of which it is still completely unclear who they prefer and how many of them are ultimately valid. Most ballots are still open in Philadelphia. There the count could go on for a few more days, as the “New York Times” writes, citing officials. In case of a difference of 0.5 percent or less, a recount of the votes is required by law.

Georgia – 16 voters – Biden leads, recount planned

More than 99 percent of the votes are counted in Georgia. In addition, many of the votes of US military personnel serving overseas will not be counted in the coming days.

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They, in turn, could probably lean more towards Trump. So it may take a few days for the state to be officially decided. As the preliminary result for Biden was extremely close, there will be a vote recount in Georgia, as the “New York Times” reports, citing election officials in the state. Biden is currently leading with approximately 7200 votes.

Arizona – 11 voters – Biden’s lead diminishes slightly again

The Fox News news channel and the AP news agency slammed the state of Arizona against Joe Biden some time ago, only less than 10 percent of the votes have to be counted – about 100,000 votes left to be counted by mail. Joe Biden currently has a lead of about 30,000 votes, most recently Donald Trump has caught up on this a second time. Trump is unlikely to still take the lead.

Nevada – 6 Electors – Biden expands leadership

Recently, Biden was able to expand his narrow lead somewhat – from about 11,000 to nearly 23,000 votes. On Saturday afternoon, German time, about 180,000 ballots had to be counted, including 60,000 provisional votes, of which it is not clear who they prefer or if they are valid at all. The loser of the election can request a recount of votes within three business days, but must leave a deposit to cover the estimated cost of the recount.

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When to expect new results: On Friday evening, German time, about 30,000 more votes were counted. What remains and has to be counted are postal votes dated Nov. 3 and some will not arrive until the next week for counting. These votes are counted until November 12.

North Carolina – 15 voters – just ahead of Trump

Trump leads with about 77,000 votes after counting at least 95 percent of the votes. Actually, this state is very conservative. Trump also won it in 2016. Almost all scenarios in his campaign dictate that he must win this state to secure his reelection. Republicans have won ten of the past twelve presidential elections.

Wisconsin – 10 Voters – Biden Wins – Trump Can Count Again

After Trump surprisingly won Wisconsin in 2016, Biden has ten voters here this time. It was a very exciting race. Trump led long before Biden was declared the winner with a 0.6 percent lead, which equates to 21,000 votes. Trump’s Republicans have already announced that they will need a vote recount in Wisconsin, which is allowed by this narrow margin under state law.

Michigan – 16 Electors – Biden wins

By contrast, Biden won the neighboring state of Michigan relatively clearly with a 2.4 percent lead – which equates to about 130,000 votes.

Sources: New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, CNN

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