Tweet, play golf, tweet: This is how Donald Trump spent the Saturday of the decision: politics

Striving for continuity in times of crisis is human. Although the whole world turned its eyes to the US on Saturday, Donald Trump is looking for continuity.

As the US election results draw ever closer, projections are still being made and judgments heard, and the incumbent president celebrates his weekend day as if everything were the same. Donald Trump stays true to himself: he tweets, he plays golf. The day can be traced back to reports from numerous journalists, including those from the “BBC” and the “Washington Post”.

At 8:20 a.m. and in the minutes that followed, he posted four first short messages on Twitter that day. In it, he reiterates the myth that tens of thousands of illegal votes were counted in the US election – without any evidence, without Trump himself being able to provide evidence.

As he writes these tweets, Trump is in the White House. This house, as Saturday morning US time will turn, Trump will have to vacate by January 2021.

The four tweets Trump sent that morning are all warned by Twitter that “some or all of the content” that has been shared is “controversial and potentially misleading.”

Landscaping instead of a luxury hotel

A short while later, at 9:41 am, Trump is again astray – and himself to him: he announces a press conference for his lawyers at the “Four Seasons, Philadelphia.” However, after five minutes, the tweet will be deleted by the author himself, because this information is also incorrect.

His lawyers will not be speaking at the luxury hotel “Four Seasons” in Philadelphia, as Trump apparently initially assumed, but at the “Four Seasons Total Landscaping,” a landscaping company. Instead of a luxury hotel, a landscape architect, located between the porn shop and the crematorium, more symbolism is hardly possible. Malice and entertainment spread on the social networks.

Trump leaves the White House shortly before 10 a.m., writes BBC reporter Tara McKelvey, who is one of the small team of journalists allowed to report directly from the White House. Trump wears casual clothes, black sweatpants, gray shirt and white “Make America Great Again” cap. And golf shoes.

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The golf course is Trumpland

With his entourage, he makes his way to Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, about 40 minutes’ drive from the official residence of the US president. According to the Trump Golf Count website, it is Trump’s 284th visit to a golf course since his inauguration four years ago.

The golf course is Trumpland. According to the Washington Post, other club members shouted Trump “We love you” and “Great job, Mr. President.”

At 11:24 a.m. US time (5:24 p.m. German time), CNN proclaims Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America. The station’s political commentator, Van Jones, gave an emotional speech. It expresses the relief that many people are feeling right now. Van Jones says, “This is rehabilitation for a lot of people who have really suffered.” He too says with tears in his eyes: “Character is important. It is important. Being a good person is important. (“Character matters. It’s important. It’s important to be a good person.”) Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to play golf.

The current president will stay on the golf course for a few more hours. He ends the morning with Kevin Morris, the golf club director, and snaps photos with a newlywed celebrating their wedding that day at the club. Then he leaves the building and a world in which he is still in control. There is already a party out on the street. When exactly he will find out about his defeat is unclear.

Cheers to the street, shrugged shoulders with Trump

On the way back to the White House, the president should see the cheering people along the road waving from his car – not as a tribute, but as a long-awaited goodbye. Democratic Washington is having a huge party, and it’s celebrating what the winner Trump doesn’t want to admit: his defeat.

Donald Trump returns to Washington DC on November 7, 2020 after a trip to the golf course. The streets are … Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP

After returning from his golf tour, Donald Trump takes the side entrance to the White House. “His shoulders were sunk and his head was down,” BBC reporter McKelvey wrote of the moment.

But there can be no insight. In the evening, Trump drops two more tweets. He repeats his accusations in capital letters. Election observers were not allowed in, “bad things” had happened in the polling stations, his notes were sent to millions of people who had never asked about it. In another tweet, he celebrates himself as the president who was re-elected with the most votes.

His lawyers are taking legal action against the number of votes. But the Washington Post in an article quoted a person close to the White House as saying that the election lawsuits in several states are less about questioning the results. Rather, it is about helping Trump face his defeat.

Even if everything looked like continuity at Trump on the day of the decision, the end has now been announced. No one knows if his defeat will be followed by a psychological crisis. But what is certain now: the staged continuity will be over by 20 January at the latest. According to protocol, on that day the new president of the United States and his vice president will move into the White House.

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