Get started with the MagSafe Duo charger in video

The MagSafe Duo charger shows a little more in a video with the first steps. It comes from a person in China who has already handled the accessories. Apple has only announced that it will soon be available at a price of 149 euros.

The MagSafe Duo charger consists of two parts. On the left is the part where you insert your iPhone for charging. On the right is the place where the Apple Watch can be charged. You can put the watch down or lift the base if you want. The charge of the watch is identical in both cases. This part is similar to the charging station for the Apple Watch.

In addition to iPhone and Apple Watch, the MagSafe Duo charger can charge AirPods or other products that support wireless charging. We can therefore charge an Android smartphone on request.

Apple is already selling the MagSafe charger at a price of 45 euros. It is therefore surprising to see that the duo model costs 149 euros or three times as much. Especially since you actually have to pay more. Indeed, the accessory must be connected to a minimum power supply of 20W. And Apple does not offer this adapter in the scope of delivery. This product is available separately in the Apple Store at a price of 25 euros.

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