Attackers on the run: at least three killed by gunfire on Russian military base – political

A young soldier is said to have shot at least three of his comrades at a Russian military base in the Voronezh region. The authorities in the city announced this on Monday, about 500 kilometers south of Moscow. According to this, the conscript is said to have grabbed an officer’s gun around 5 a.m. and then fired it.

The background and identity of the man were initially unclear. One soldier survived the attack with serious injuries, he said. He is being treated in hospital. The alleged perpetrator was said to be hiding on the premises. The search for him is ongoing.

In Russia there are always bloody incidents in the armed forces with deaths and injuries. Human rights activists often see the situation with special exercise and harassment against young recruits in the military as a reason why soldiers feel pushed to the limit.

The background to the crimes usually remains in the dark, time and again “personal problems” of the perpetrators are cited as the cause of the crimes – but not the conditions in the military. In August 2015, a soldier killed three comrades in a rampage in a military camp near the town of Kostroma, about 300 kilometers northeast of Moscow, and then shot himself. (Dpa)

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